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jhjTrusting Your Instincts and Why It’s So Important

Our instincts urge us to respond rapidly to our baby’s cries. We scoop her up and murmur comforting words. We offer food, fresh diapers and funny faces to dispel her distress. We rock, walk and jiggle until she’s at peace. And then we collapse and cuddle and continue to savor the warmth of her body, the smell of her skin, the curve of her cheek. Or do we?

Society bombards us with messages that tell us not to trust ourselves, not to listen to our babies and our instincts. We’re warned that giving in to our baby’s demands for attention spells certain disaster for our baby and ourselves. We’re advised to get the baby off to the right start by letting him know who’s boss from the beginning. But when those negative messages become louder than our baby’s cries, we all lose. (lebih…)