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jhjTrusting Your Instincts and Why It’s So Important

Our instincts urge us to respond rapidly to our baby’s cries. We scoop her up and murmur comforting words. We offer food, fresh diapers and funny faces to dispel her distress. We rock, walk and jiggle until she’s at peace. And then we collapse and cuddle and continue to savor the warmth of her body, the smell of her skin, the curve of her cheek. Or do we?

Society bombards us with messages that tell us not to trust ourselves, not to listen to our babies and our instincts. We’re warned that giving in to our baby’s demands for attention spells certain disaster for our baby and ourselves. We’re advised to get the baby off to the right start by letting him know who’s boss from the beginning. But when those negative messages become louder than our baby’s cries, we all lose.

Fears vs. Intuition
There’s a widely accepted myth that even very young babies are out to manipulate their parents. Their cues for attention are interpreted as deliberate attempts to control us. The image of insolent, ungrateful schoolchildren yelling insults and orders at parents is enough to scare any mom or dad into prompt action.

These fears and the way messages are given can cause insecurity in a new parent. Do any of these messages sound familiar?

  • “Show the baby who’s boss.”
  • “You need to put that baby on a schedule.”
  • “If you let that baby sleep in your bed, you’ll never get her out.”
  • “Don’t pick that baby up. Babies need to cry.”
  • “Put that baby down. You’ll spoil her.”
  • “That’s not what the experts say.”

Baby Name Meaning

If you choose a name with the baby name meaning being of highest importance, you must raise the child in a manner to reflect that attribute. If the baby name you chose has as…

Family Names

Names like Eugene, Constance, Heime and William may be strong family names, but don’t feel pressured to use a name you don’t feel is right for your child.

How It Sounds

We think this is one of the most important factors in choosing a name. Say your prospective full baby name 10 times, see how it rolls out. Get some friends to do it too.


Kids can be cruel, and they’ll make fun of your child’s name no matter what, but its still worth doing a quick check to see if you’ve given them a name that will result in years of misery.

Celebrity Names

Celebrity names can be great, just don’t be too disappointed if your little Beyoncé can’t hold a tune.


Be careful picking a trendy or popular name. Although they can be great names, you don’t want your child to be known at school as “Ava #5”.

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